Submit To Me

Mistress Dominique Montage

Lets Face it a computer or phone screen can only do you so much good.

You can stare at My pictures all you want, edge to My voice and body, but there is the possibility that you might get to know Me on a much more intimate level.

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Of course I’d never even consider getting into bed with you, but you can have the next best thing — the ability to serve Me.


I allow only the finest boys to be considered a member of My exclusive kennel of subs

Boys that know the true meanings of communication, loyalty, honesty, generosity, and every other trimming that is crucial to pleasing me In addition to physical, mental, and emotional training, weekly tributes, observation of protocol 24/7, and an open mind are not just mandatory, but expected to be given freely and happily.

Now cut the bullshit are you READY TO SUBMIT TO ME…